Shelly2Shelley Steadman is a Food Technologist by trade and set up her business, Technical Food Services, in 2002. As an advisor on food safety and legislation to all sectors in the UK food industry, Shelley explains more about what’s involved in becoming compliant with food handling law:

“I started working with Liquid Lens in 2014 as they were keen to ensure they were doing all they could to meet the current legal standards on health and safety with food. As an official auditor, I undertook a full audit of their premises and documentation to assess where they were and what they needed to do to meet legislative requirements.” Following the audit, Shelley helped us to implement a full food safety management system.

“The Food Safety Management System is essentially an operating manual for the business. It details all the procedures that a company should have in place, for example, personal hygiene, hygiene housekeeping, pest control, contamination control – we call these the prerequisites as they are the standards required by law. These procedures should happen automatically when working in an environment that handles food.”

The manual produced by Shelley ensures that Liquid Lens is operating within the laws and regulations set by the UK and EU. It also contains details about the HACCP study which based on Codex Alimentarius principals or “Food Code” which was established by the World Health Organisation to ‘develop harmonised international food standards, which protect consumer health and promote fair practices in food trade’.

“The system draws on all of the latest legislation surrounding food. It ensures that the company can document every detail about the food and its ingredients, packaging and processes (the who, what, where and when). It identifies the potential risks and how to control them; it gives guidance on labelling; it maps out the procedures and it drives due diligence throughout the business. Importantly, through daily self-auditing measures and comprehensive documentation, it makes the entire process completely traceable all the way back to the source.”

As a result of Shelley’s advice, we now ensure our labels and packaging information meets all legislative criteria, for example, referencing any allergens within the ingredients listings. We also ensure optimum safety procedures are routinely adhered to and monitored at all times.

“On a scale of risk, the food handling that Liquid Lens undertakes is very low but that hasn’t stopped them taking their responsibility very seriously. They go over and above the law when it comes to compliance to make sure their products are as safe as can be. Liquid Lens is a very visionary company that strives to exceed what is expected of them. They have their sights set on achieving the very difficult world-renowned accreditation with the BRC in the future, and I’ll look forward to helping them reach that in time.”